Why you should own a Volkswagen Beetle?

Beetle is perhaps the most-iconic car from the house of Volkswagen. It is known for a number of things such as proper construction, safety features that are wonderful to say the least, and the list can go on and on. Volkswagen is known to manufacture and market many models that stand out and shine like beacons. However, there is something special about Beetle and this is what so many people look for in their cars. There are so many benefits of buying this car that stating them in a short span can be next to impossible.

Safety features

The safety features of these cars are second to none. This is especially applicable if you happen to buy these cars from an Ontario Volkswagen Dealer. Volkswagen is one brand that is always busy improving the safety features in its cars. In fact, all-round development is something that the brand is always focused on and safety features just happen to form an integral part of the process. Beetle has steel reinforcements in areas such as doors, door reflectors, and daytime running lights. This is why Beetle is such a good car to drive or ride in.


This is also a major feature especially if you are someone with a limited amount of income. Beetle is really affordable. The retail price of this car is around 18,000 dollars. When you consider how great the car itself is this price appears to be like a bargain. When you consider all the different models that you get to see in car sales it is a wonderful option to have by any stretch of the imagination. Even if you were to buy this car on loan you would see that the monthly installment does not come to more than a few hundred dollars a month. This is the reason why these cars are so popular in the first place.

Wonderful mileage

If you get your car from a proper Volkswagen Dealer you can be sure that your car will be giving you mileage that is the stuff of dreams. When you consider the stratospheric prices of gasoline these days this is an important benefit to have. No one knows when this surge in gas prices would come to a halt or if at least they would subside for the time being. In the cities you can get mileage of 20 mpg and on the highways this can go up to 28. This means on an average in a year you would not be spending more than 1827 dollars if you owned a Beetle.

However, it needs to be said in this context that gas prices are always increasing and as such there is a real chance that this number could go up as well. However, even in spite of that, if you compare what you get from Beetle to other cars that are of its size or even bigger cars such as the sports utility vehicles (SUVs) you would see that they are much better in this particular aspect.