Traveler’s at Heart: Careers to Consider if You’re an Adventurer

You do not want to be in the percentage of Americans who hate their jobs or career choices. You are a traveler, and you want to see more people or places in your life, which is great. You should choose a career that is going to allow you to travel as much as possible, and the following are just some ideas.

Health Professional

It can be hard to find a career. Some people spend years trying to figure this out, but you know what you love, making a career in the health industry an easy choice. You can be a doctor or a qualified nurse. It does not really matter because these careers are absolutely necessary in the world. You can be a part of a traveling organization that allows you to treat patients from all over the world, and you get to travel at the same time.

Bar Tending

It might sound like this job is sedentary, but it is anything but. Bartenders can get a job almost anywhere in the world because mixing drinks is a universally beloved skill. There are bars anywhere, which makes it pretty easy for you to travel to several places in the world and still get a job. Granted, this particular job does require that you stay in relatively urban areas since remote regions probably will not need your skills.

Transport Carrier

Those who want to travel the country by vehicle might want to consider getting into the California motor carrier industry. You have seen truckers drive from place to place, but you probably have not considered that this offers an opportunity to travel. Truckers see different parts of the country and sleep in different regions. You get the opportunity to explore different areas while working or in between jobs.

Bus Driver

A person that wants to travel and meet many people should definitely consider a job in the busing industry. You can help people get from place to place in inner cities, or you can work with a cross-state busing service that helps people get from state to state. The job allows you to meet all sorts of interesting strangers with different stories, and it allows you to see little towns you probably never heard of before. 


Knowing more than one language is valuable, but learning dozens can really open up doors for you since translation jobs are sorely needed everywhere. Business is conducted through translators, even diplomacy is sometimes conducted through translators. You can go to many places around the world and help people communicate with each other effectively. Now, you want to make sure you learn the languages spoken in the regions of the world you are most interested in so you have a higher chance of being given an opportunity to work there.

Hopefully, some of these careers tickle your fancy, but do not confine yourself to these choices. There is a lot that you can do as long as you think outside the box. Talk to a career guide so that you can hear additional choices should you be hungry for additional options.