How Much Damage is bad for Your Car?

There are several kinds of damages that your car might undergo – it could be a minor bump or a crash at a really high speed. No matter what kind of car accident it is your car would be damaged to some extent or the other. When your car is damaged you would need to get it repaired by an expert who knows what she or he is doing. It is very important that you let such work be handled by an expert and professional auto body repair shops. However, you also need to keep in mind that it is not always that simple to repair your car.

Impact of accidents     

You might know but even the smallest of accidents can cause damage – not necessarily significant – to your car and in such cases, you may be left with no option other than calling Auto Body Shop. It can cost you some money and it might take a bit of time to repair during which you could have to make do with other options as well. The kind of impact that your car has withstood as well as the kind of car in question determines the extent of damage that it has suffered and dictates your decision.

How to determine a total loss?

A lot of car drivers fret at the prospect of being told by their insurers that their cars have been ‘totaled’. This could include you as well. They consider it to be a point of no return. However, just because a car has been totaled it does not mean that you will not be able to repair it at all. The level of damage that your car has suffered does not have much connection with if the car company would declare it to be a complete loss. These decisions are instead based on the costs of repairing the collision.

How is a car totaled?

The insurer will normally judge the cost of repair based on the car’s value at the fair market. If your car would need more money to repair than what it is worth it is deemed to be totaled.

What is structural damage?

You can get your car treated for a proper Collision Repair in case it suffers damage of some sort or the other. Normally, the term structural damage means damages sustained by the frame of the vehicle. These are normally the costliest repairs out there. However, they are not as impossible to repair as so many people may have you believe.

If the people at the auto body repair shop, where you have taken your car, know what they are doing they will first check if the damaged car has lost its alignment or not. In case the car is not at par with the precise measurements of the manufacturer in question they would use the latest tools and equipment and pull the frame back thus setting it to its original configuration.

The extent of rear-end damage suffered by a car depends on the speed it was traveling at when the accident happened.