Climate Control System in Chevrolet Cruze

The Cruze model from Chevrolet has many amazing features among which the climate control system is worth noticing. To keep the car occupants comfortable in every weather and climate condition, it has incorporated systems that shows results within minutes. If the season is hot, the car can cool you down. If it is a winter season and the outside temperature is making you shiver, the car keeps you warm and cosy. In the rains, driving gets difficult. But driving a Chevrolet Cruze won’t let the raining issues ruin the driving comfort or cause any inconvenience to the driver or other car occupants. Be it cooling, heating, defrosting or ventilation, the Climate Control system in Chevrolet Cruze brings everything at the tip of the finger. Let’s see how:

Temperature Control:

To know more about the Climate Control systems of this Chevrolet model we visited the Manchester Chevrolet dealer who explained us some remarkable features of this car. The temperature control feature is the leading system that converts the car into a comfortable shelter for every season. One can turn it on to increase or decrease the car temperature. There is this Air Delivery Mode Control, where one can change the current temperature mode to the other.

Air Conditioning

By pressing the air conditioner on or off one can make it start working as per the choice. An indicator light would show up. That indicates the air is being recirculated inside the car. It would help in cooling the air that is stored inside the vehicle and prevent the outside air and atmospheric odours from entering inside. It is better to select the recirculation option often in warm weather to improve the fuel efficiency as well as to cool the vehicle down instantly.

Auto Defog:

The climate control system of Chevrolet Cruze model has a sensor to detect the level of humidity inside the vehicle automatically. If high humidity gets detected, the climate control system would start adjusting itself to the outside air supply and automatically turn on the air conditioner. If it doesn’t detect any window fogging, it would return to its normal operational mode.

Remote Climate Control Operation:

Chevrolet has a number of vehicles that has the remote vehicle start feature. For such vehicles, the climate control system gets included in the remote control when the vehicle gets started with the help of the remote control. Here the climate control system will use the previous settings of the system to heat or cool the vehicle from inside.


As told by the Chevrolet dealer serving Manchester, there are a bunch of sensors that help the Climate control system to work efficiently. The solar sensor, placed right on top of the instrument panel, would monitor the solar heat. The sensor information is important for the climate control system to adjust the in-car temperature, the fan speed, recirculation, and air delivery mode to start operating and bring comfort to the car dwellers despite travelling in hard climatic conditions.