6 Useful Tips To Choose A Perfect International Shipping Company

While planning to import a car or boat to Australia, you will have to think upon which international shipping company will do your job perfectly and hand over your valuable purchase safely to you. Here are some tips on how to choose such a company.

1. Ask for Suggestions from Knowledgeable People

Approach people who have previously shipped cars or boats from overseas for a good international shipping company. People don’t import a car or a boat everyday; so, you may find it difficult to find individuals having a great amount of experience. However, if you keep trying, you may find some good recommendations.

2. Search on the Internet

The internet can find anything for you, so it can find you a good international shipping company too. Do a thorough research on companies found in search results. Visit their websites, read testimonials, ask about them on forums and read reviews about them. Visiting Marine and Auto Depot website will also give you a lot of information.

3. Choose Three Companies to Get Quotes from

Once you get recommendations from friends and family, and from the internet, you will have a list of shipping companies. To get a fair idea of competitive costs, you can choose three companies to get quotes from.

4. Have Visual Survey Done

Contact the three companies and ask them to send someone for visual survey of your car or boat. Ultimately, you will pay for weight (or size) of what you are shipping and getting a visual survey done is essential to get a precise quote.

5. Read the Quote Carefully

If you just scroll down the quote to see the numbers, you will be making a big mistake. Price quotes are put together by ethical salesmen after spending plenty of time for outlining what is and isn’t included. The terms and conditions (which are often in fine print) are very important. Since most people don’t read the quotes, unethical salesmen can make a living.

Read everything in the quote and if you don’t understand anything, ask. Also, let the answers be in writing. Keep in mind to ask what is NOT included because it’s here that you will find the extra charges. So, you should know beforehand what will be due.

6. “Not Included” Part of the Quote

This is the most important part of an international shipping company’s quote. You should carefully read it because it will contain hidden fees and also explain unpredictable, legitimate costs for boat and car storage Sydney for example. Here are some of the items that are normally not included in the quote.

Custom Fees: Every item may be charged import duties. You should essentially find the exemptions, what you should do to get them and what the custom fees will be for non-exempted items.

Difficult Access Charges: Since the shipping company has no exact idea of where you live, it will quote a price based on some assumptions. For instance, it will assume that the street to your home will have enough room for the truck to enter and park near your door. If such assumptions happen to be wrong, you will have to pay extra charges.

Charges for Quarantine or Customs Inspection: In a situation that Customs wants to inspect your car or boat inside the shipment, there will be additional charges which will not be included in the quote. You (shipper) will have to pay those charges.

Unpredictable Situation Charges: This is anything that is not under control or cannot be predicted, such as a port strike, a war or a natural calamity. You as the shipper will have to pay additional charges associated to these types of situations.

Follow these tips and find the best international shipping company for your dream car or boat.