5 Reasons Metal Barns are Safer for Livestock

Protection of livestock animals is a priority for most farmers and ranchers. Ensuring there is proper housing is one way to keep life-threatening problems from destroying your livelihood. Below are five of the best reasons to invest in a metal barn to better protect your animals.

Reduced Fire Damage

A standard wood frame barn can become a death trap to livestock in the event that sparks from electrical or lightning ignite a fire. A large amount of fuel provided by the wooden structure makes it nearly impossible to put out before the building is totally engulfed and a total loss. The loss of life can and property can be devastating to any farmer or rancher. Metal can become stained or heat damaged but does little to contribute to the continued burning.

High Quality, Low Maintenance

Metal barns are durable and will offer fewer problems that can lead to livestock getting hurt. Doors and windows tend to stay put since they are lighter weight than wooden styles. There is very little that can go wrong with the simpler structure of a metal building.

Weather Protection

No farmer or rancher wants to think of their animals standing off in a field huddled together against the cold, rain, or sting of hail. Pole barns can be erected that will provide plenty of coverage to ride out the bad weather safely. The size can be customized to fit all of the animals comfortably.

Safety from Predatory Animals

Wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, and wild dogs can all present safety issues for your livestock, especially the smallest and youngest members. Being able to contain them at night in an area with a metal building will offer them protection from predatory animals. You will suffer fewer losses on an annual basis. This small investment will pay off over the years.

Shade from Blazing Summer Sunshine

Animals are at the mercy of the heat during the blazing hot summer months. They can become dizzy, disoriented and suffer heat stroke when there are not adequate areas to catch shade and cool their bodies. A metal pole barn will give them the shade they need and provide an area to keep water at a cooler temperature for drinking.

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